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I love to play dodge ball. I help at home by fetching water.

  • Uganda Country

  • 22 Years Old Current Age

  • 12/29/2001 Birthday

Milly lives with father, stepmother, and five step siblings in the community of Buikwe, Uganda. Her father is a peasant farmer, working a small plot of land to raise food for his family. The income from selling left over vegetables is low and is not enough to support Milly in her continued education. The family lives in a two roomed rented mud brick house. They have access to clean water from a well nearby and they live about .5 km from the International Needs school. Milly's favorite subject is English.

Uganda is a country plagued by poverty, famine, malaria, and AIDS. An education helps children to break free from poverty so they can have hope for a fulfilling future. Sponsorship provides food, clothing, a Christian education, medical check-ups, biblical teaching, and Christian nurture.

Gender: female


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You can sponsor Milly today, and provide hope for a brighter future for only $38 per month.