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Our Mission

Empowering the poor and marginalized in order to restore their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual identity.

Our Difference

We Support Indigenous Work

We believe the poor and marginalized are trapped in their situations as a result of dysfunctional spiritual, social, and physical dynamics. Our process to cultivate sustainable change starts by:

  • Identifying

    We begin by identifying and forming relationships with people who have a vibrant, personal Christian faith. These local leaders are integrated in the local church and support locally based programs.

  • Equipping

    We equip Christian leaders who are already serving in their own countries to help provide powerful local solutions that bring creative and sustainable change to both individuals and communities.

  • Sustaining

    After the leader is identified and equipped, that person is resourced to implement sustainable solutions that provide a thriving environment for the community.

Our Story

In the early 1970s, International Needs founder Ray Harrison attended a worldwide evangelism conference and left inspired by church leaders to create strategic change for worldwide ministry.

Ray's vision was simple. Rather than sending missionaries to foreign countries, Ray pictured an organization that would walk alongside Christian leaders who are already effectively ministering in their own countries and equip them with the means and resources to support and empower them to carry out their work in their communities. Through this vision, International Needs was born.

While many mission centric organizations have followed IN’s example since its foundation in 1974, Ray Harrison's vision was radical and transformed mission work as it was previously known.

Today, International Needs' worldwide partners seek God's guidance to develop ministry plans that are specific to each country and the local communities within it.

Because each community is unique, solutions are tailored to needs indicated from local leaders within each community. Ministry programs vary and are built upon a communicated need from our partners. International Needs USA is proud to work with local ministries serving in Bangladesh, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nepal, Philippines, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Uganda, Vietnam, and Zambia.

Our Core Values

  • Faith

    We embody our Christian faith as the cornerstone principle of all we do at International Needs because it is by God's grace that we're able to do the work we do.

  • Commitment

    We commit to long term support of our programming within our partner countries and their leaders. We value the security and sustainability of our ongoing partnership.

  • Collaboration

    We strive to work relationally and in partnership with our country leaders, donors, churches, and corporate partners. We value the piece each of us provides in the transformation process.

  • Transformation

    We cultivate programs that create opportunities to individuals, families, and communities to grow spiritually, physically, and socially.

  • Empowerment

    We support indigenous development of country specific programs. We recognize the uniqueness and power of local leaders serving within their own countries.

  • Stewardship

    We are committed to embodying sound Biblical principles in our programming, fundraising, and financial practices.

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