Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a Child

When a person's most basic needs are met, they have the best opportunity for success. One of the most meaningful ways you can help children is by providing them with the tools and support to learn and to grow. By providing them with access to education, opportunity is unlocked and children become empowered to take charge of their lives. We believe every child deserves an education. For as little as $38/month, you can give a child that and so much more.

Sponsor a Child

Make a Difference

When you sponsor her, you will provide exactly what she needs. You will make sure she has food to eat and she gets a great education. Best of all, you will let her know that Jesus loves her! That's what makes your sponsorship so special.

Your $38/month will change a child's life and give her exactly the help she needs! Will you help a child who needs you by sponsoring her today?

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  • Kenya 13 years old


    I love to sing! I enjoy learning English.

  • Kenya 13 years old


    I enjoy skipping and singing! My favorite subjects at school are math and English.

  • Kenya 14 years old


    I love to draw and color. I like to skip rope and run with my friends.

  • Nepal 15 years old


    Hi, I'm Karishma! I like to sing and dance.

  • Kenya 15 years old


    I enjoy playing soccer! My favorite subjects in school are math and English.

  • India 18 years old


    Hi, I'm Dichen! I love skipping and my favorite subject is Nepali.

  • India 15 years old


    Hi, I'm Aniketh! I love playing cricket and football! My favorite foods are bread and eggs.

  • India 13 years old


    Hi, I'm Dev! I love running races and eating noodles!

  • India 14 years old


    Hi, I'm Anusha! I love playing with dolls and hide and seek!

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