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Sponsor a Child Event

Your church can play a role in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with children in need!

Your church is needed to help connect a child in need with a loving sponsor.

Why now? Right now is a dangerous time in the world, especially for a child living in poverty. And it's harder to find sponsors right now because some people in the United States are struggling too. We've identified 200 kids who need practical help now.

These kids can't wait. They need your help.

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Will you and your church help these children by holding a child sponsorship event at one of your services?

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    Contact Kelly at (616)209-5420 or email her at Sponsorship@internationalneeds.us to talk. ask questions. connect.

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    Download your event toolkit that will take you step-by-step through holding an event.

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    Arrange an event date with your church - could be a Sunday morning or another time!

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    We will be with you every step of the way!


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  • Kenya 15 years old


    I enjoy playing football. I love to learn Swahili and English. I help my mom by fetching our water.

  • India 11 years old


    Hi, I'm Pradeep! My favorite subject is English. I help at home by looking after my siblings.

  • Bangladesh 15 years old


    Hi, I'm Chaitonno! I like to play badminton and cricket.

  • Bangladesh 15 years old


    Hi, I'm Dithy! Bangla is my favorite subject in school!

  • Bangladesh 14 years old


    Hi, I'm Sajib! I like playing football and Bengali is my favorite subject in school.

  • Bangladesh 13 years old


    Hi, I'm Bishal! I like playing Football and Bengali is my favorite subject in school.

  • Zambia 14 years old


    I like Mathematics and skipping!

  • Zambia 17 years old


    I like to help my mother by sweeping the room, I also like to read.

  • Zambia 13 years old

    Winny Sakala

    I like playing with toys.


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